Westminster’s Diary of a Victorian Clerk


Nathaniel Bryceson’s diary is back online.

I visited Westminster Libraries and Archives in London in early 2013 as part of my Margery C. Ramsay Scholarship project. I was privileged to view the original diary of Nathaniel Bryceson which archives staff blogged on the corresponding dates in 2010. They also illustrated the posts with images from their collection. The blog was, for a time, in a consolidated form and accessible on the Westminster website but then it disappeared.

This year, on the 170th anniversary of the Diary – that of a young man- nineteen years old written in 1846, new life has been breathed into it this project.

Westminster’s blog Books and the City announced on January 1st that the diary will once again be blogged on the corresponding dates of the diary (this time I note on a separate WordPress platform – previously it was part of the Westminster website) in addition to also being accessible via a podcast and Nathaniel is now also on Twitter.

For a long time this manuscript sat on the shelves as part of the Archives collection. Transcribing it, researching, placing it online has enabled this unique item to reach a new audience and also attract attention to the collections of Westminster Libraries and Archives.  Historical diaries translate well online via a blogging format. Other examples include The Diary of Arthur L. Linfoot set during World War One and the Diary of Samuel Pepys . Many original diaries have also been digitised and placed online.  I would love to hear of Australian examples and any efforts public libraries may be doing in this regard.



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One Response to Westminster’s Diary of a Victorian Clerk

  1. Edith says:

    We at Ballarat Library are blogging the 1916-18 diary of C.W. Kyle, who served as a steward aboard troopships during WW1. We aren’t doing it day by day, as some entries are fairly ordinary – “arrived Cairo” – and also the diary itself tells such an extraordinary story that we are anxious to get it “out there”. Our blog can be found at http://ballarat19141918.blogspot.com.au/ should anyone want to look at it. Our second post will be this Friday. It has been a challenge to know how to present it, and I hope it will be accepted well. Best, Edith

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